1977 Prognosis Protest – Copy

It was 1977. I was 30 years old

The diagnosis of degenerative disc disease
and a prognosis of all vertebrae fused
by the time I reached 50 was inconceivable.

Thus, my Seeking began.

Unknowingly I became a PROGNOSIS PROTESTOR! My prognosis was eventually annihilated by stumbling into the ‘Unknown’ with a cranial Osteopath.

28 Years

28 Years June 4, 1996 – June 6, 2024 10:30 am

One Patient

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Facial Development with Fascial Integrity

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Into the BEYOND

Beyond ‘Mewing’,
Orthotropics and Forwardontics

The Cranial Connection
…and Tongue to Toe with the Swallow
within the fascial network of the body.

The tongue, the ‘kingpin’
of the fascial network, 
affects not only swallowing
but also breathing!

Putting the puzzle together with the
Cranial Osteopathic Perspective

Current Principles

Three principles in the evolving contemporary Cranial Concept
as outlined by Tasha Turzo, DO,
cranial osteopath
specializing in orofacial development.

– Gumby Awareness –
Fascial Flexibility

– The Cornstarch Effect –
Touch, Tissue and Thixotropy

– Tensegrity and Biotensegrity –
Tension and Compression

Tensegrity and Biotensegrity

“The integrity of an entire structure
 is based on its tensional capacity
 for continuous movement and balance
 between all the elements.”

“The body exists in a delicate balance
of tensile and compressive forces
that hold all our
physical structures in balance.”

Tasha Turzo, DO | The ALF Approach