What to Do?  Where to Go?

DO and MD and DDS and PT and NMD and

 BCST and DC and RN and OT and CST

Sutherland’s Cranial Concept
has evolved in many directions because it is
 a Truth, a Reality, a Fact.

There can be significant differences
in professional development that provide letters after a name as well as
in practitioner awareness and palpatory skills.

The Professional Proof

Looking for a health-care practitioner? 
Looking for a piano teacher? 

– whatever the licensure – 
– within the licensure – 

– The level of training (professional development),
– The scope of experience (practice),
– The approach to technique (treatment)

Professional Proof on a Piece of Paper

The Artist Affidavit

The dimension of ‘art’ and
the Touch of the ‘artist’
The common denominators – 
whether hands palpate the body or play the piano. 

Artistry arises from innate aptitude.
Artistry blossoms over time and grows with awareness.
Artistry unfolds in the ‘practice’
beyond the License.

Our body feels – Our ears hear
Artistry resides in results.

Evidence-based Medicine

“Use no man’s opinions;
accept his works only.”

Andrew Taylor Still