ReSearch in the Unknown

“Previous to all discoveries
there exists the demand
for that discovery.”

Andrew Taylor Still

“Absence of Proof

does not necessarily indicate

Proof of Absence.”

John Upledger, DO

“Clearly, there are
a great many things that can
be defined as non-physical
in our physical world.”

John Joseph Petrovic
Physics of the Non-Physical

  • The inherent motility of the brain and the spinal cord
  • The fluctuation of cerebrospinal fluid.
  • The moblity of intracranial and intraspinal membranes.
  •  The articular mobility of the cranial bones
  • The involuntary mobility of the sacrum between the ilia.

Current Research and Inquiry



Investigation of head movements

beyond respiratory breathing and arterial pulsation:

The Cranial Rhythmic Impulse (CRI) in the living skull. 

Magnetic Resonance Imagery [MRI]

investigates cranial bone motion 

Ultrasound Measurement

of intracranial pressure [ICP]