Fascial Integrity in Facial Development

The ALF Approach
book presents the
underlying causes of
– crooked teeth,
– jaw pain, and
– postural changes

 …and the “WHY”
behind relapse.

Discover the critical
functions of
– nasal breathing,
– chewing
– functional swallowing, and
 – resting position of the tongue in the upper palate.

…the elements of
optimal facial form and
dental postural health. 

Learn about
the utmost importance of
tongue function and
nasal breathing
to optimize the airway.

Observe the importance of a “forward” orthodontic treatment that
increases the airway space
 as it augments
normal growth and development of the face.

Osteopathic light palpation
can assist, reinforce and enhance the light force exerted
by the ALF appliance during orofacial development
…not only in the head and upper torso, but in the whole body.

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A Whole-Body Approach for Facial Development

Fascial Integrity with Facial Change

Personal Observations and Addendum

Mewing’ and ‘Forwardontics‘ are the Gateway into a panoramic viewpoint
 rapidly emerging in medical specializations
surrounding orofacial development and treatment.

…not only integrating these emerging ideas, but also
focusing on functional and fascial integration of the whole body as facial change unfolds.

 The first goal of the ALF appliance is to promote a functional swallow.

I wonder if this “Functional Swallow”
with its 2000+ times-a-day gentle ‘suctioning massage’ of the palate
stimulates the maxillary (palatal) midline suture,
which in turn helps facilitate and stabilize the subtle motion of the cranial mechanism.
And thus, the myofunctional/ALF  interface with the osteopathic paradigm
of the primary respiratory mechanism and cranial motion. 

The ALF Appliance and Myofunctional Therapy both have similar goals…
and both can work in tandem with Osteopathic treatment
 to augment the functionality of the whole body.