Personal Observations and Addendum

– One Patient –

One Long Medical Adventure

Walking in the Air

George Winston

A LifeTime – Fifty Years and Counting

My anecdotal history – my StoryTelling –
is not a double-blind or scientific study,
simply a retelling of what happened,
…what was done
and what has been undone.

My traumatic dental history, curiosity and asking questions produced The Cranial Connection (1986) within five years of discovering this
‘different medical perspective’.  

I was on my way to medical school writing a research paper for a graduate class in physiological psychology…..and the paper ended up at a medical convocation, became an introductory text for medical students and circled the globe to interested dentists, medical doctors, physical therapists.
and osteopaths.

This is now being updated for the
interested and curious patient and/or parent.

During the Cranial Connection era of my life – 40 years ago – 
I also was a parent with two children at the ‘orthodontic’ age. The decision-making I made because of my learning from dental/orthodontic TMD chaos is underscored today
by this major shift in perspective now surfacing.

My behavior was similar to Sandra Kahn, DDS – the mother –  looking for different options for her children. However, I was an ‘educated’ patient with a spinal fusion, not an orthodontist.  ‘Whole-body’ repercussions between jaw and spine were more than ‘text-book’ knowledge and medical theories –
an experiential knowing had evolved.

I found a forward-thinking orthodontist who practiced ‘craniofacial orthopedics’ during the early 80’s
and a team approach was implemented: 
Craniofacial Orthopedics plus Cranial Osteopathic treatment.

This orthodontist understood that repositioning the jaw
can and would affect the structure and functionality
of the whole body.

Drs. John and Mike Mew’s last name has transformed into a verb!

Mewing’ has created a gateway into contemporary ‘internet viral’ awareness
with ‘ how to widen the palate’  for treating a plethora of dysfunctions:
sleep apnea, TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction),
crooked teeth (malocclusions), and facial aesthetics.

Dentistry and Orthodontics have grown exponentially…and so has controversy.

This awareness affects other specializations as well:
pulmonology, otolaryngology, neurology, orthopedics,
myofunctional therapists and speech and language therapists.

Surgery?  or Dental Devices? or Braces? 
 Are there differences in opinions and treatment plans?


…not only an emerging integration of ideas, but also
a focus on functional and fascial integration of the whole body. 
This process and understanding is outlined by Tasha Turzo, DO
in her revolutionary book.
where Facial change unfolds with Fascial integrity.

 The first goal of the ALF appliance is to promote a functional swallow.

The “Functional Swallow”
with its 2000+ times-a-day gentle ‘suctioning massage’ of the palate
stimulates the maxillary (palatal) midline suture,
which in turn helps facilitate and stabilize the subtle motion of the cranial mechanism.
Therein lies the Orofacial / ALF interface
within the osteopathic paradigm of cranial motion –
The CRI (cranial rhythmic impulse).

And the Denial, the Dispute, the Disconnect and the Disrespect unfolds.

There needs to be Dialogue and Discussion –
on behalf of the Patients as well as the Doctors.

Carolyn Inabinet