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The Cranial Connection
for the Patient


An Introduction to the

Anatomical and Physiological Basis of

Osteopathy in the
Cranial Field

Nationally Certified Teacher of Music

A compilation of published material logically presented.

Twenty-seven bibliographical references to further reading.

Twenty-three concise diagrams illustrating major
anatomical concepts

Histological discoveries by researcher,
Ernest Retzlaff, PhD.

Anatomical models developed by well-known
osteopathic educator,
John E. Upledger, D.O., F.A.A.O.

“I have read The Cranial Connection completely through and I am just
as excited about it as when I first previewed it. I fell that every
physician interested in cranial osteopathy should have one, read it,
and have it available in his waiting room for his patients to read.” 
Neil Pruzzo, DO   
Past President
The Cranial Academy
“…it fills a gap between purely introductory pamphlets
and the more sophisticated manuals.” 
George Northrup, DO   
Past Editor Emeritus,
American Osteopathic Association 


“The first step in Osteopathy is a belief in our own body.”

Andrew Taylor Still

An innovative and unique view of human functioning  has evolved from the
Osteopathic philosophical foundation that acknowledges the primary importance of the living body.

This book describes a physiological system intimately involved in the body’s self-regulatory process.

The overall efficiency of this system has been found to assume
a primary role in the treatment of disease as well as the maintenance of health.


Let us change the focus from traditional allopathic medicine
with its disease theory and emphasis of external control.

Let us take an osteopathic orientation that emphasizes the body and consider

“…the patient who has the disease and not the disease which has the patient.”

Beryl Arbuckle (1977)

Three General Principles of Osteopathy

The interrelationships
between structure and function.

The rule of the artery.

The inherent healing
potential of the body.

“The best doctor is the one
who can help Nature cure itself.”

Andrew Taylor Still (18xx)

“Healing comes from the inside,
not the outside

Andrew Weil, MD (1983)