Osteopathy Meets Orthodontics

The intersection of the cranial osteopathic perspective with orthodontics is critical and revolutionary!

Two dental appliances, two different orientations…
both have common goals.

Patient awareness is mandatory
when making these orthodontic decisions.

Facial Development

Swallow and Breathe with Brahms

Where is your tongue?
And what does it have to do with breathing?
Oral Posture Awareness
. …for young and old alike!

Discover the Revolution in Orthodontics:
The ALF Approach
Jaws: The Hidden Epidemic
Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art


My cranial Osteopath
does not need a scan or a lab test to confirm
the dysfunction remaining in the left quadrant of my palate, ear and jaw
– the consequence of the orthodontic procedure in California twenty-eight years ago.

He can ‘feel’ it – and I am most aware
that he is very aware!


East, West and South

East to  Florida, West to Washington and California, and South to Brazil.

The hamular resection failed
to alleviate my symptoms. 
And the seeking and searching began again.

Evolution of Equilibrium

Another twenty-five years of wondering pass.

And I uncovered what amazing changes can evolve under cranial osteopathic care as the body is awakened and allowed to speak
that which is unconscious and beyond words.

Disorder unfolding into Reorder

The Embodiment of the Sounds of Silence releasing.

Orthodontic Ordeal and Detour

“The Road Not Less Travelled”

The California Ortho adventure began in the early 1990’s. This journey was short and sweet
into Orange County
 – 45 minutes by air from Phoenix. 

The freeways were a maze.
A Santa Monica referral experience was


Korean Ki; Chinese Chi; Indian Prana; Japanese Qi
Universal Energy

My coming West to California actually ended up taking me further East.


The Silence
The Seeker in the Silence

I failed to recognize that these medical events
were my initiation into exploring different ideas…

my first steps in seeking the Beyond
and venturing into the Unknown…

into the world of the cranial Osteopath.