Korean Ki
Chinese Chi
Indian Prana
Japanese Qi

My coming West to California actually ended up taking me further East. 

The Black Stallion

George Winston

Universal Energy

The first trip across Los Angeles was memorable. Once I arrived in Santa Monica and located the address, I was shocked to discover that this man’s office was located in an office complex on the second floor. I had to navigate a tall, outside staircase from the parking lot. Climbing those stairs was a slow and tedious process with crutches

Poki Treatment

I had no idea what to expect.

A man with a resonant voice and of small of stature,
 dressed in a black Korean kimono (ghi), met me at the door. 

He explained he was working with Ki energy (same as Chinese Chi).
He would lightly tap on my body with his ‘Gongi Chucks’
 – long rods with a rounded tip –
to release ‘negative energy’ while I laid on the floor on a mat.

Unlike my introduction to the cranial Osteopathic light touch and wondering if anything was happening, there was no doubt in my mind that something was definitely happening during this treatment!  Standing before me and swirling these rods that created swishing sounds in the air before tapping, I was incredulous, praying they didn’t unexpectedly fly out of his hands into the room…or onto me. This Sunin “Master”, as he was called, would tap very gently on different parts of my body, swirl the rods in the air and then tap in a different place. He explained that the soles of my feet were completely ‘blocked’. Whatever – I was most skeptical and simply wanted to finish the treatment, pay and leave.

When the treatment was completed, I rolled off the mat, stood up and walked across the room without needing any crutches. I was in shock as I paid for the treatment and walked down the long steps at the rear of the building without assistance. He led the way, carrying the crutches to the rental car, put them in the trunk, and waved goodbye. I never used them again after this initial treatment.

I later called and made another appointment. The orthodontist wanted his name.  

This Detour to Korea via Southern California thus entered my life.

Sunkong and Dori-Dori

In the world of Sunin-Do, everyone and everything
 is born with the self-healing power of Ki energy.
Recharging and revitalizing Ki is the secret to maintaining good health.

The results in the release my of ‘negative energy’ was mind-boggling
 – strange and unimaginable to me,
even with my uncommon Jin Shin, TM and Osteopathic experiences. 

I returned for more treatment as the orthodontist began to fine tune 
his radical reduction of my occlusion.

In addition to the Poki treatment, there were Sunkong classes which involved slow, rhythmic breathing and slow movement in sitting, standing and reclining positions. I would attend a class when I came to Santa Monica for a treatment. I met other like-minded people. Eventually, the Master travelled to Phoenix periodically and offered treatment and classes.  With his input and guidance, I created a Foundation Sungong book – The Secret Power of Sunin-Do – showing the postures and the Korean words. An English translation of each posture with their three disciplines: physical, Ki and mind clarified the process.

Preparation Sunkong included Dori-Dori, a posture where the head was slowly turned from side to side in the Mu-Jin-Bon sitting position. The head was considered the ‘antennae’ to locate Ki and to discern Truth from God (the Creator, the Source, the Un-nameable). The movement process included slow exhalation and inhalation while turning the head and holding the breath at the end of the side movements of exhalation and inhalation.

This Sunkong Dori-Dori breathing movement has sustained me along with the Jin Shin Jytusu Main Central Vertical Flow for many years. I have fashioned my own combination of these Japanese and Korean practices in coping with the chronicity of the orofacial pain. –