28 Years

28 Years June 4, 1996 – June 6, 2024 10:30 am

2002 – 2022 | Watching

The Neuroradiologist’s Surprise
East, West and South

Open Minds, Open Doors

The Swollen Kidney Contest
Inguinal Linguini

1998 – 2002 | Wondering

1998 – Intubation Injury Revelation
1999 – 2000 | Recognition and Awareness
Remembrance – Cat Bite Reflection

1986 – 1998 | Walking

1986 – 1994 | Dental Dilemma USA
1994 – 1995 | Orthodontic Ordeal and Detour
1995 – 1996 | Sunin Do
1996-1998 | The Beyond of the Unknown

1975 – 1986 | Wandering

1975 – The Perfect Storm
1977 – The Prognosis Protest
1978 – The Basket Case
1981 – Serendipity and Providence
1982 – ‘Cold Turkey’ Potency

Perceptions and Wonderings

One Patient

Personal Observations and Addendum – One Patient – One Long Medical Adventure Walking in the Air George Winston A LifeTime – Fifty Years and Counting My anecdotal history – my StoryTelling – is not a double-blind or scientific study, simply a retelling of what happened, …what was doneand what has been undone. My traumatic dental […]

Facial Development with Fascial Integrity

 Fascial Integrity in Facial Development THE ALF APPROACH The ALF Approach book presents theunderlying causes of – crooked teeth, – jaw pain, and– postural changes  …and the “WHY” behind relapse. Discover the critical functions of – nasal breathing, – chewing– functional swallowing, and – resting position of the tongue in the upper palate. …the elements of […]

The Hands and The Tongue

Osteopathic and Orthodontic Perspectives in the NOW
Dialogue or Denial?

Embark into differences in understanding and perception in anatomy
… and the impact in medical understanding and treatment.

Venture into a revolutionary perspective
“”Is the world flat or is the world is round”?

Into the BEYOND

Beyond ‘Mewing’,
Orthotropics and Forwardontics

The Cranial Connection
…and Tongue to Toe with the Swallow
within the fascial network of the body.

The tongue, the ‘kingpin’
of the fascial network, 
affects not only swallowing
but also breathing!

Putting the puzzle together with the
Cranial Osteopathic Perspective