1971 The Sound of Silence

initiate dissonance in uncommon
responses to anesthesia.

It was 1971…
the VietNam Era.

1982 ‘Cold Turkey’ Potency

An amazing experience with Potency –
of medication as well as the body’s inherent capacity for self-regulation.

“You certainly can’t stop taking this drug… you have to taper off slowly,” roared the psychiatrist.” ‘Just watch me!” I shrieked.

Wiithdrawal symptoms were extreme. Osteopathic hands-on cranial treatment enabled toleration of a ‘cold turkey’ cessation of Nardil,
a psychoactive drug that precipitated a seizure.

1977 Prognosis Protest

It was 1977. I was 30 years old

The diagnosis of degenerative disc disease
and a prognosis of all vertebrae fused
by the time I reached 50 was inconceivable.

Thus, my Seeking began.

Unknowingly I became a PROGNOSIS PROTESTOR! My prognosis was eventually annihilated by stumbling into the ‘Unknown’ with a cranial Osteopath.

1981 Serendipity and Providence

“What did you just do with my back?’ I asked my PT, sitting on her treatment table.
She told me she was learning interesting palpatory techniques with an osteopath. And thus she came to explain the cranial Osteopathic perspective of palatal motion.

This moment in 1981 changed my direction.
And thus began my first steps down the
“Road Less Traveled”.

Intuitively, I knew this was my Truth.

1978 The Basket Case

During 1978, I quickly became a “Basket Case” within the dental community.

Craniofacial pain was triggered in a routine dental appointment: the dentist ground a tooth (equilibration).

This procedure unintentionally and instantaneously precipitated
a ‘lightening bolt’ of sharp pain
flashing through my face.

The benefits of cranial osteopathic oral treatment are astonishing, as I later discovered.