1975   |   A Perfect Storm


– A spinal fusion in the lower back –

– A dental splint on the upper teeth –

Elements of


in the world of
the cranial Osteopath.

This journey into an unconventional realm of medicine,
without a map or a compass,
 into the world of Unknown Diagnosis,
disclosed a territory named

harm brought forth by unintended adverse patient outcome because of a health care intervention.

Prelude No. 11

Robert Vandall

How and Why?

Unrecognized forewarnings of silent waves emerged in 1971.
– unaware, uninformed, unfamiliar, unknown, undiscovered, unidentified –
Nameless and Silent
I was 24 years old.

The tsunami arrived in 1976 leaving destruction and wreckage for five years.

The entrance to “A Road Less Traveled” revealed itself in February, 1981.

A summit appeared  on this road in 1986 with the publication of 
The Cranial Connection.

Twenty-five years later, in 1996 and 1998,
unanticipated Tidal Waves inundated my journey on this Road.

During these years, however, a rescue team was in place.
And the journey was neither as frightening nor as lonely.

Another twenty-five years later, the NOW of 2024…

Accompany me on a remarkable pathway
that leads into the Unknown.
Uncover extraordinary possibilities and potentialities
in the Beyond.

This “Road Less Traveled” changed my life.