The Silence

The Lonely Shepherd

Zamfir, arr. Hauser

Unknowing and oblivious to the reality that
I was, in fact,
laying the foundation for becoming
proactive and responsible
for my own health care during 1971-1986,
I was also unaware of
…that part of me who would not hear,
…that part of me who could not listen
to the devastating Diagnosis and Prognosis after two back surgeries
 and craniofacial trauma. 

The Seeker in the Silence

During this first decade of my journey into the Unknown
– the cranial Osteopathic “Road Less Traveled” – 
I was given an Awareness and a Knowing.

I failed to recognize that these medical events
were my initiation into exploring different ideas 

 …my first steps in
seeking the Beyond and
venturing into the Unknown.

The Embodiment of the Sacred

…unbeknownst to me…
was being conceived on this “Road Less Traveled,”
not only allowing my body to discover greater functionality and health
but also slowly enabling me to ”embrace the pain,

as I traveled onward – restored and invigorated.