Current Principles

Three principles in the evolving contemporary Cranial Concept
as outlined by Tasha Turzo, DO,
cranial osteopath
specializing in orofacial development.

– Gumby Awareness –
Fascial Flexibility

– The Cornstarch Effect –
Touch, Tissue and Thixotropy

– Tensegrity and Biotensegrity –
Tension and Compression

The Tongue and the Hands

New Perspectives on the
Functional Swallow and Intelligent Palpation

Is the world flat or is the world round?
The world view of anatomy and physiology is rapidly evolving in this century.
A critical difference of perception
and understanding is approaching a crossroads.

– There is no motion
between the sutures of the skull. 
– There is subtle motion between
the sutures of the skull.