Current Principles
Effects and Analogies and Applications

Tasha Turzo, DO, an internationally recognized expert in the integration of osteopathy and functional dentistry, combines three principles of the evolving contemporary Cranial Concept in her book:
 The ALF Approach: Changing the Face of Orthodontics

Oobleck and the “Cornstarch” Effect

Tensegrity and Biotensegrity
Tension and Compression

Fascial Flexibility
“Gumby Awareness”

These three principles exemplify
the Cranial Connection Paradigm in palpatory treatment application:

– THIXOTROPY   |  the light touch (palpation) of the practitioner

– BIOTENSEGRITY  |  the interconnectivity of the whole body in response to change

‘GUMBY’  |  the restoration of fascial tissue flexibility