Gumby Awareness

Our friend Gumby
 is an appropriate analogy
 for the benefits of
osteopathic treatment.

He is bendable and pliable. 
He has no specific
anatomical structure.

When he has an injury,
a strain pattern is created
and he bends into
a different shape.

Gumby is representative
of a connected structure
moving as one functional unit.

As the body ages, there is a decrease in the flexibility and elasticity of tissues.
The longer a strain pattern remains in the body,
the more dense the tissue becomes within the strain pattern.
The goal of treatment is to address these areas of tissue restriction
 and restore normal function and tissue motion.

A pattern of somatic dysfunction
 is created from the forces of an injury.
The areas of impact will exhibit
 compressed and displaced tissue –
and create a ‘pattern of injury’ that has a tissue density that is palpable (‘readable’)
  by trained hands. 

Injured tissue has less range of motion,
feels denser and will have restricted motion (subtle or gross) in those areas affected
 by the force of the injury. 

Trained hands can sense the force, direction and timing of an injury
 that creates a strain pattern in the tissue.
Palpatory osteopathic treatment assists in removing
 these different ’tissue densities’
and restoring the body to a more original  “Gumby” state –
more tissue elasticity and flexibility.