Tensegrity and BioTensegrity

Scientific Research on the glymphatic system
…the newly discovered ‘lymphatic system’ of the brain.

Brain-Drain with the Cranial Osteopathic Perspective

Into the BEYOND

Beyond ‘Mewing’, Orthotropics and Forwardontics

The Cranial Connection
…and Tongue to Toe with the Swallow
within the fascial network of the body.

The tongue, the ‘kingpin’
of the fascial network, 
affects not only swallowing
but also breathing!

Putting the puzzle together with the
Cranial Osteopathic Perspective

Tongue to Toe

The Cranial Connection within the Fascial Tissue Network

The tongue guides the structures of fascial continuity
from the the tongue and muscles of the jaw,
through the middle of the body,
to the arch of the foot.

Osteopathy Meets Orthodontics

The intersection of the cranial osteopathic perspective with orthodontics is critical and revolutionary!

Two dental appliances, two different orientations…
both have common goals.

Patient awareness is mandatory
when making these orthodontic decisions.

Facial Development

Swallow and Breathe with Brahms

Where is your tongue?
And what does it have to do with breathing?
Oral Posture Awareness
. …for young and old alike!

Discover the Revolution in Orthodontics:
The ALF Approach
Jaws: The Hidden Epidemic
Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

Perceptions and Wonderings

The StoryTeller

I wonder what relationship there is between a classical organ player and a breech birth?

Find out about the demands of playing the classical organ and the potential impact on the performer with structural abnormalities.

And how cranial osteopathic care
harmonized the dissonance.