Orthodontic Ordeal and Detour

“The Road Not Less Travelled”

The California Ortho adventure began in the early 1990’s. This journey was short and sweet
into Orange County
 – 45 minutes by air from Phoenix. 

The freeways were a maze.
A Santa Monica referral experience was


Korean Ki; Chinese Chi; Indian Prana; Japanese Qi
Universal Energy

My coming West to California actually ended up taking me further East.

Dental Dilemma USA


En route to unforeseen Tidal Waves,
dental adventures before and after
The Cranial Connection (1986)
designed the Road
for startling Revelations
yet to unfold.

Starting in Arizona, I wandered into
Ohio, Missouri, Nevada, Michigan,
Indiana, and California where an
unexpected detour emerged.

The BEYOND of the Unknown

On June 4, 1996 at 10:30 am, an orthodontic procedure in the office of my California craniofacial pain specialist triggered the onset of a bizarre orofacial syndrome.  

Little did I know that this was
the beginning of more than
twenty-five years of puzzling symptoms
….complexity beyond the scope of specialization in dentistry, neurology, orthopedics and otolaryngology.

The cranial Osteopath
does not depend on a scan or a lab test
to confirm or treat these connected ‘unknowns’
– the consequences of an orthodontic procedure