Recognition and Awareness

Removal (resection) of the Ptyergoid Hamular
Process was the oral surgeon’s recommendation.

The Ptyergoid Hamulus is not a dinosaur,
but rather a little bone in the back of the palate.
The surgeon was hoping to alleviate the ‘sharp sensation’ that had plagued me for two years.
An orthodontic procedure had caused
this bone to shift and protrude from the palate.

Osteopathic cranial treatment improves
the functionality of the body
within the structure
…critical when altered and traumatized.

Intubation Injury Revelation

An oral injection before surgery had unexpected consequences and revelations.
It was the summer of 1998.

“Don’t you think this could damage your palate?” asked the oral surgeon,
waving a laryngoscope in front of my face
while I was sitting in his dental chair.

Oral surgery was postponed.
Memory of anesthetic trauma was triggered. 
I was alone, ninety miles east of Chicago
in a Super 8 motel
… a long way from Phoenix.

The puzzle pieces began to fall into place
… after twenty-five years.

And I discovered
that osteopathic cranial treatment stabilizes
the autonomic nervous system not only in
drug withdrawal but also in PTSD.

The Cat Bite

Discover the amazing ‘How and What’
that emerged from hands-on treatment
for a cat bite.

“What in the world can you do for a cat bite with only your hands? I have a infection – a red streak running up my arm! “ I exclaimed.

Confidence building
in possibilities and potentials.