1981 – The Cat Bite 

Discover the amazing
“How and What”

that emerged
from hands-on treatment

for a cat bite.

“What in the world can you do for a cat bite
with only your hands?

I have an infection – a red streak running up my arm! “

These were my words as I walked into the osteopath’s office, my right hand swollen up like a balloon.

On a Sunday afternoon, I arrived home from the grocery store and began unloading groceries onto my kitchen table. When I wasn’t looking, my one and only cat Boo leaped on the table. When I turned around, I saw her tearing into the pound of hamburger meet!  “Stop!” I yelled and swiftly grabbed the furry bundle.

Evidently I scared her.  She responded with an immediate reaction , sinking her teeth deep into the base of my thumb.  Blood spurted everywhere. Thankfully, my neighbor was home and rushed over.

The next day, my primary care doctor prescribed an antibiotic and stated he would have to lance the bite if it didn’t radically improve in the next two days. Luckily, this was my left hand.  I vividly remember sitting in class taking notes with my  hand straight up in the air.

I had an appointment with my osteopath and called his office to cancel, telling him of the cat bite.  He quickly responded, “Come into the office immediately. Do not let them lance the wound until after I have treated you.”  I was stunned by this response.  What in the world could he do for a cat bite?!

Walking into his office, I vehemently told him that he could not touch my hand and pointed to the red streak running up my arm.  The fingers were too swollen to bend and my hand was puffed up like a balloon. His treatment started by gently touching my shoulder. Slowly he worked his way down my arm with his hands barely touching me and I relaxed, hoping this would do something. The throbbing lessened as did the swelling.  By the time he reached my wrist, I didn’t care if he touched my hand –  which he did.  By the time I left the appointment, I could bend my fingers and my hand was barely swollen!

“What did you do?!” I exclaimed, amazed at what had just transpired.  

“All I did was help the circulation in your arm and hand. Now you have adequate blood flow to the wound. 
DO NOT stop taking the antibiotic. You will not have to have this lanced

The drive home was accompanied by astonishment at what had transpired in his office.
My confidence in this doctor and his ‘cranial’ treatment skyrocketed.  
Increased circulation had not been in my understanding of possibilities with cranial treatment.

This entire event left me shaken. I was very thankful that I was the one who was bitten and not one of my piano students!
And, I was most concerned that if she was startled by a student, would this be the result? 
I tearfully gave away my grey cat, the mother of many, many lovely kittens.