Beyond the Box

Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, the legacy of Swedenborg, Still and Sutherland, cannot be contained in a ‘box’.  A label was initially necessary for the evolution of awareness and understanding to germinate.

This Osteopathic legacy of cranial work has now evolved beyond a one ‘box’ label. The 21st century witnesses this evolutionary outgrowth.

Just as an orchestra has many members and instruments, the orchestration of this evolutionary awareness with its Osteopathic genesis contains many members. All members of this orchestra do not possess a DO after their name – MD, DDS, PT, NMD, LMT are some of the other instrumental players. There is more than one orchestra as well. The consciousness of the cranial concept has spread worldwide in the 21st century.

“Previous to all discoveries there exists a demand for that discovery.”
Andrew Taylor Still