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Tongue to Toe

 The Cranial Connection within the Fascial Tissue Network

From the the tongue and muscles of the jaw,
through the middle of the body, 
to the arch of the foot…
the tongue is the doorway to the 
fascial tissue network.
Tongue to Toe!

                      Point to Ponder 

A tongue tie can restrict the motion of the entire fascial system, from top to bottom.


 Are there repercussions
 of a dysfunctional swallow

…not only on the width, height,
and depth of the palate
but also on the myofascial continuity
that flows to the feet? 

Image from @drstevenlin

Swallowing, Breathing and Posture

The anterior deep fascial line starts beneath the tongue,
flows to the lungs and pelvic bones and ends up in the arches of the feet.

There is a direct connection between orofacial tongue function, diaphragmatic breathing and posture.

What happens if there is a spinal fusion in the low back (restriction of motion)
 with a tongue ‘misbehaving’ (dysfunctional swallow)
i.e…the tongue doesn’t know how to rest or how to find the palate.

What does the tongue have to do with the low back?!

To Be Continued