Osteopathic thought has always placed
the efficiency of the living body at the center of its philosophical framework.

We are changing the focus from traditional allopathic medicine
 with its disease theory and emphasis on external control
 to an osteopathic orientation:

 The BODY is the first priority.

and not the disease
which has the patient.”

Beryl Arbuckle, 1977, page 28

Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, founder of Osteopathy, asked a relatively simple question:
How does a physician
stimulate this natural capacity of the body?

And the answer to this question gave birth to osteopathic medicine:
The structural alignment of the human system can stimulate normal blood flow
 and thereby energize the natural healing abilities of the body.

“‘The best doctor is the one who can help Nature cure itself.”
Andrew Taylor Still 

This inherent, self-regulatory potential of the body
 is ultimately expressed in the craniosacral concept.