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The cranial Osteopath does not depend on a medical diagnosis
 in order to treat a patient.

The evaluation is one of structure, motion and
complex membranous strain patterns
manifesting in the fascia (connective tissue) of the body.

My cranial Osteopath does not need a scan or a lab test to confirm
the dysfunction remaining in the left quadrant of my palate, ear and jaw
– the consequence of the orthodontic procedure in California twenty-eight years ago.

The NOW of 2024

Alternating daily symptoms have continued since that morning of trauma in the orthodontist’s office on June 4, 1996 –  twenty-eight years in June of 2024.  A rhythmic pattern I would like to eradicate.

A collection of thirty-five CT and MRI scans from multiple doctor live in a bedroom closet – a ‘hard-copy” testimonial of a ‘difficult case’. This was before the day of digital medical records. Consultations were simplified by hand-carrying a scan to the new physician, rather than depending on communication between doctors. Today, a laptop computer with the program that reads the scan of the referring doctor accompanies me, insuring that doctor/patient time before, during or after is not wasted or useless due to medical record relay. 

No doctor has been able to figure out where the fluid originates since my sinus is clear; my PCP surmises this to be a viral infection, either Epstein-Barr Virus or Herpes 6 or both; my ENT’s suspicion is over-stimulation of a parasympathetic nerve; needle acupuncture or auriculotherapy can easily exacerbate symptoms; my neurologist has labeled it ‘trigeminal neuralgia’ (his suicide diagnosis) and whole-heartedly supports any form of treatment that helps. 

Thus, I find my sanity, solace and days/hours/moments of respite with the cranial osteopath. Medication is not in the picture; homeopathic remedies are sometimes prescribed.  My vitality, resilience and overall health are the strongest of my lifetime. My body awareness and the targeted treatment from both the PT and the Osteopath sustain me.  I don’t sense that I’m going in circles, but progressing in an upward spiral. The balancing act between my skull base and pelvis is positive change personified. This fierce awareness and sensation begets knowing where I encounter radical optimism – my body knows how to overcome even this Unknown.