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In Memory of
Harriette Vicars Cooper Coker

Shock Waves

“I can’t!” was her mantra.

A shocking and unexpected end-of-life story
with extraordinary improvement
after four years of steady decline and deterioration.


Thanks to the hands of a cranial osteopath…
within eight months: April 30 – December 13, 1982.

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In Appreciation to My Grandson

for my awareness and my motivation


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A story has a different motive than a testimonial. 

Storytelling is designed to create interest and explain value.
Storytelling is crafted from a patient testimonial.

The resulting Stories are personal testimonials
encompassing forty plus years and
bearing witness to the astonishing potential of the body
to seek self-regulation in the skilled hands of a cranial Osteopath.

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What do an Osteopath
and a Piano Teacher have in common? 

The artistry of ten fingers flowing across piano keys
is both audible and visible…vibrations of Sound the ear can hear.
The artistry of ten fingers palpating the body
is both silent and invisible…the vibrations of Silence the body can feel.

Both exemplify the exceptional, the remarkable, the extraordinary..
Music evokes a ‘felt’ sense beyond words.
Palpation elicits a ‘felt’ sense beyond belief.


Join me on The Road Less Traveled” and my lifelong experiences in the world of Cranial Osteopathy as my primary form of medical care.

What was done in the name of medicine can be undone..
Disorder into Reorder
The Before, the After and the Now.

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Preludes | 1971-1986

1975 | A Perfect Storm

– A spinal fusion in the lower back –
– A dental splint on the upper teeth –

Elements of
in the world of the cranial Osteopath.

I was 24 years old when the storm began.

I invite you to accompany me
on a journey into the realm of medicine
without a map or a compass
 –  into the world of Unknown Diagnosis

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1977 Prognosis Protest

It was 1977. I was 30 years old

The diagnosis of degenerative disc disease
and a prognosis of all vertebrae fused
by the time I reached 50 was inconceivable.

Thus, my Seeking began.

Unknowingly I became a PROGNOSIS PROTESTOR! My prognosis was eventually annihilated by stumbling into the ‘Unknown’ with a cranial Osteopath.

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1978 | The Basket Case

During 1978, I quickly became a “Basket Case” within the dental community.

Craniofacial pain was triggered in a routine dental appointment: the dentist ground a tooth (equilibration).

This procedure unintentionally and instantaneously precipitated
a ‘lightening bolt’ of sharp pain
flashing through my face.

The benefits of cranial osteopathic oral treatment are astonishing, as I later discovered.

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1981 Serendipity and Providence

“What did you just do with my back?’ I asked my PT, sitting on her treatment table.
She told me she was learning interesting palpatory techniques with an osteopath. And thus she came to explain the cranial Osteopathic perspective of palatal motion.

This moment in 1981 changed my direction.
And thus began my first steps down the
“Road Less Traveled”.

Intuitively, I knew this was my Truth.

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1982 ‘Cold Turkey’ Potency

An amazing experience with Potency –
of medication as well as the body’s inherent capacity for self-regulation.

“You certainly can’t stop taking this drug… you have to taper off slowly,” roared the psychiatrist.” ‘Just watch me!” I shrieked.

Wiithdrawal symptoms were extreme. Osteopathic hands-on cranial treatment enabled toleration of a ‘cold turkey’ cessation of Nardil,
a psychoactive drug that precipitated a seizure.

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Recollections | 1971-1986

Perceptions and Wonderings

The StoryTeller

I wonder what relationship there is between a classical organ player and a breech birth?

Find out about the demands of playing the classical organ and the potential impact on the performer with structural abnormalities.

And how cranial osteopathic care
harmonized the dissonance.

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The Silence
The Seeker in the Silence

I failed to recognize that these medical events
were my initiation into exploring different ideas…

my first steps in seeking the Beyond
and venturing into the Unknown…

into the world of the cranial Osteopath.

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1986 - 1996

Dental Dilemma USA


En route to unforeseen Tidal Waves,
dental adventures before and after
The Cranial Connection (1986)
designed the Road
for startling Revelations
yet to unfold.

Starting in Arizona, I wandered into
Ohio, Missouri, Nevada, Michigan,
Indiana, and California where an
unexpected detour emerged.

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Orthodontic Ordeal and Detour

“The Road Not Less Travelled”

The California Ortho adventure began in the early 1990’s. This journey was short and sweet
into Orange County
 – 45 minutes by air from Phoenix. 

The freeways were a maze.
A Santa Monica referral experience was

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Korean Ki; Chinese Chi; Indian Prana; Japanese Qi
Universal Energy

My coming West to California actually ended up taking me further East.

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The BEYOND of the Unknown

On June 4, 1996 at 10:30 am, an orthodontic procedure in the office of my California craniofacial pain specialist triggered the onset of a bizarre orofacial syndrome.  

Little did I know that this was
the beginning of more than
twenty-five years of puzzling symptoms
….complexity beyond the scope of specialization in dentistry, neurology, orthopedics and otolaryngology.

The cranial Osteopath
does not depend on a scan or a lab test
to confirm or treat these connected ‘unknowns’
– the consequences of an orthodontic procedure

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Revelations | 1998

Cat Bite

Discover the amazing ‘How and What’ that emerged from hands-on treatment for a cat bite.

“What in the world can you do for a cat bite with only your hands? I have a infection – a red streak running up my arm! “ I exclaimed.

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Intubation Injury Revelation

An oral injection before surgery had unexpected consequences and revelations.
It was the summer of 1998.

“Don’t you think this could damage your palate?” asked the oral surgeon,
waving a laryngoscope in front of my face
while I was sitting in his dental chair.

Oral surgery was postponed.
Memory of anesthetic trauma was triggered. 
I was alone, ninety miles east of Chicago
in a Super 8 motel
… a long way from Phoenix.

The puzzle pieces began to fall into place
… after twenty-five years.

And I discovered
that osteopathic cranial treatment stabilizes
the autonomic nervous system not only in
drug withdrawal but also in PTSD.

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Recognition and Awareness

Removal (resection) of the Ptyergoid Hamular
Process was the oral surgeon’s recommendation.

The Ptyergoid Hamulus is not a dinosaur,
but rather a little bone in the back of the palate.
The surgeon was hoping to alleviate the ‘sharp sensation’ that had plagued me for two years.
An orthodontic procedure had caused
this bone to shift and protrude from the palate.

Osteopathic cranial treatment improves
the functionality of the body
within the structure
…critical when altered and traumatized.

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East, West and South

East to  Florida, West to Washington and California, and South to Brazil.

The hamular resection failed
to alleviate my symptoms. 
And the seeking and searching began again.

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Beyond the Box

“Previous to all discoveries
there exists a demand for that discovery.”
Andrew Taylor Still

The consciousness of the Cranial Concept
has spread worldwide in the 21st century. 

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Evolution of Equilibrium


My story of 40 years
and the amazing changes
that evolved – and are continuing to evolve –
under cranial osteopathic treatment
as my primary form of medical care.

Disorder Unfolding into Reorder

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